"Haunted Castle," "3-D Mania: Encounter in the 3rd Dimension" and "Alien Adventure" to be released in 3-D and 2-D versions this year on DVD.April 27, 2001. Burbank, CA. SlingShot Entertainment, a leading independent licensee and distributor of DVD and video programming worldwide, and nWave Pictures, the world’s leading digital production studio specializing in giant screen entertainment, announced the signing of a worldwide seven-year agreement to release three of their large format films on DVD and video.

Haunted Castle, 3-D Mania: Encounter in the 3rd Dimension and Alien Adventure, three of nWave’s most popular animated large format films, will have both 3-D and 2-D versions available on the same DVD disc, according to SlingShot Vice President Mitch Perliss. "The DVD platform gives us the ability to meet the needs of all consumers on one disc at one low price," comments Perliss. "We’re using the same 3-D technology as used in giant screen theaters, where consumers will be able to view the movie in 3-D through shutter glasses to give the movie a similar feel as in the theater."

SlingShot is partnering with I-O Display Systems LLC, a leader in home entertainment 3-D hardware, to promote watching the movie in 3-D. "We are putting an insert in every DVD explaining the 3-D process and giving the consumer the opportunity to purchase a 3-D Home Theater Viewing System at 50% off the regular price," stated Teresa Franklyn, Product Manager for SlingShot Entertainment. The system includes two pair of wireless glasses, a video synchronization box, RCA video extension, power supply, instruction manual, and a PC Gaming and Internet System.

"Over 300,000 pairs of glasses are already in the marketplace," stated Franklyn, "many of which have been sold to gamers, who fit the demographic of these three titles perfectly, so we feel we have a strong base from which to build. Plus, because we’re releasing each title in 2-D on the same disc, everybody will be able to watch these three great animated movies in whichever format suits them best."

In addition to using the shutter glasses, 3-D Mania will also be available in a special color anaglyphic format and will include two cardboard 3-D glasses in each DVD. Director Ben Stassen has recorded audio commentaries for each of the movies in English, French and Flemish. Additional bonus features for the three titles will include 2-D and 3-D trailers, and DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound soundtracks available in multiple languages. Each title will also be cross-promoted on the other two titles.

This is the first time nWave has released any of their movies on home video. Company founder Ben Stassen felt the time was finally right. "We had always hoped to give home entertainment audiences the opportunity to experience our films the way they were meant to be seen, but it wasn’t until we met with Slingshot that it seemed possible. Their experience with specialty titles and enthusiasm for releasing our films in 3-D, coupled with the high quality DVD format is very exciting for us. I think people at home are in for a thrill."

All titles are expected to be released in fourth quarter 2001 with a suggested list price of $19.99 each on DVD and $14.99 each on VHS. A special gift pack containing all three titles will also be available for the gift-giving season.

nWave Pictures is the world’s leading independent digital production studio specializing in giant screen entertainment. After supercharging the motion simulator industry with the release of over twenty ride film titles, nWave expanded its unique brand of entertainment into the world of giant screen cinema. The company is based in Belgium with offices in Los Angeles and Connecticut.

SlingShot Entertainment is the world’s largest distributor of large format films on DVD and video, with over thirty large format films in their catalog. The company is a division of the Enterprise Group, a privately owned company based in Burbank, CA.

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