August 27, 2001. Burbank, CA. SlingShot Entertainment, the world’s largest distributor of large format films on DVD and video and the Science Museum of Minnesota, (SMM), who since 1978 has been a leading producer of large format films, announced the extension of their current worldwide DVD and video distribution agreement for large format films produced by SMM.

The titles involved in the agreement include Genesis, The Greatest Places, Search for The Great Sharks, Tropical Rainforest, Ring of Fire and The Great Barrier Reef. According to Teresa Franklyn, Director of Product Development for SlingShot, all of these titles will be remastered to include bonus feature material that was unavailable when the titles were first released on video.

"DVD content has changed since these titles were first released," stated Ms. Franklyn, "Consumers now demand commentaries, behind-the-scenes stories, DTS sound and other complementary material for their DVDs. This wasn’t necessarily the case on large format films when they were first released by SlingShot. We now have the opportunity to revisit each title and enhance the DVD viewing experience for each movie."

Michael Boeckmann, Film Distribution Manager from the Science Museum of Minnesota, commented on the extension. "Over the past several years we’ve worked very closely with SlingShot to create consumer awareness for our movies. SlingShot’s new sales and marketing team believes in our type of product and has put together plans to increase consumer awareness through some innovative ideas. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with SlingShot and expanding the reach of our films."

Seasons, a large format film narrated by William Shatner and accompanied by a special digital surround recording of Antonio Vivaldi’s "Four Seasons," will finally be released on DVD as part of this agreement. A breathtaking film about the cycle of the seasons, it has been the only large format film produced by SMM not yet available on home video.

" We’re excited to release this title," stated Mitch Perliss, General Manager of SlingShot. "Although it was produced a while ago, it will be brand new to DVD and we’ll be able to create some great ancillary material that will give it a whole new life. We plan to release Seasons in late Spring or early Summer 2002."

SlingShot will work closely with SMM and their production partners to source both new and archival material for each title. The first revised title is expected for release early next year.

The Science Museum of Minnesota is regarded as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced producers in the large format film industry, and has to date completed ten large format films. SMM films have to date been seen by over 50 million people in large format theaters around the globe.

SlingShot Entertainment is the world’s largest distributor of large format films on DVD and video with over thirty films in their catalog. Located in Burbank, CA, SlingShot is affiliated with The Enterprise Group, a multimedia conglomerate that provides a variety of world class services for audio, video, DVD and live production.

For further information please contact:

Mitch Perliss
Vice President/General Manager
SlingShot Entertainment
818-973-2480 x30

Teresa Franklyn
Director of Product Development
SlingShot Entertainment
818-973-2480 x32

Michael Boeckmann
Film Distribution Manager
Science Museum of Minnesota

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