SlingShot To Develop Interactive Bonus Features
For DVD Release!
Burbank, CA -- SlingShot Entertainment, the world_s largest distributor of large format films on DVD and VHS, and SK Films announced today the signing of a worldwide multi-year agreement to distribute STRAIGHT UP! Helicopters in Action on DVD and VHS. STRAIGHT UP! Helicopters in Action is a 42-minute large format film about helicopters that are not only capable of responding to emergencies, but often make the difference between life and death. SK Films originally produced the film for the Smithsonian Institution_s prestigious National Air and Space Museum.

The film premiered at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC on September 18, 2002 and SlingShot Entertainment will release it on DVD on February 18, 2003.

"STRAIGHT UP! is an entertaining and informative movie," commented Mitch Perliss, Vice President of SlingShot Entertainment. "Through this movie, the viewer experiences a dramatic sea-air rescue, reconnaissance exercises with the U.S. Marine Corps, the relocation of endangered black rhinos in South Africa, live high-tension wire repair by helicopter, and much more. It_s amazing to see the various uses of this incredible machine up close and in the glory of the IMAX® format.

Jennifer Nelson, Director of Product Development for SlingShot, is spearheading a variety of bonus features to enhance the DVD viewing experience. She_ll be working with SK Films, the film_s sponsors, and other resources to develop interactive bonus features that showcase some of the fascinating things that rotorcraft can accomplish.

"We_re delighted to be working with SlingShot to bring STRAIGHT UP! to audiences on DVD," commented Jonathan Barker, President of SK Films. "From the world-leading Smithsonian Institution_s National Air & Space Museum to Director and Cinematographer Dave Douglas, Narrator Martin Sheen, Songwriter and Performer Bruce Springsteen right through to the choice of SlingShot, we have collaborated with the very best organizations and individuals in making and releasing this film."

STRAIGHT UP! Helicopters in Action is the National Air and Space Museum_s ninth large format film presentation. In addition to showing at the Lockheed Martin IMAX® Theatre, it will have a featured run in the theater of the museum_s new companion facility -- the Steven F. Udvar Hazy Center _ opening at Washington Dulles International Airport in December 2003. The Udvar-Hazy Center will be home to the museum_s extensive vertical flight collection.

Founded by Shaftesbury Films Inc. in partnership with Robert Kerr, the co-founder and retired CEO of Imax Corporation, SK Films develops, produces and distributes films for IMAX® and other large format theaters worldwide. The company_s product lineup includes documentary and dramatic material for the broad market of both institutional and commercial theaters and for exploitation in other media.

SlingShot Entertainment is the world_s largest distributor of large format films on DVD and VHS. Located in southern California, SlingShot is affiliated with the Enterprise Group, a multi-media conglomerate that provides a variety of world-class services for audio, video, DVD and live productions. SlingShot_s complete DVD collection ranges from an eclectic mix of movies originally presented in IMAX® theaters to cult and classic films and a host of animated features for all ages.

Mitch Perliss
Vice President/General Manager

Jennifer Nelson
Director of Product Development

Sue Procko or Krista Erickson
Sue Procko Public Relations

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