The Enterprise Group is a dynamic multimedia conglomerate that provides a variety of world class services for audio and video production. We are eager to demonstrate our professional integrity and technical acumen while serving your analog and digital media needs.


7 World Class Tracking and Mixing rooms
3 101-Channel SSL J9000s
2 Neve Capricorns
1 SSL 8000G+
Transfers to and from ANY format
Private Lounges


Complete Sound Packages for Feature Films and Television Series
Stage X: SSL Avant
Stage A: Neve Capricorn
ADR/ Foley


Post Production Equipment Rentals
Professionally Designed Turnkey Avid Systems
Any NTSC or PAL Video Deck Available
Outboard Gear and Mics
24/7 ACSR Technical Support
In-house "Theme" Edit Suites


America’s #1 Full Service Audio Rental Company
Analog and digital multitracks
ProTools systems
Transfers to and from any format
Custom built cables and snakes
Vintage gear and tube microphones


Authorized Repair Center
Need Your DA88 or ADAT Repaired FAST??
We are authorized for Tascam, Alesis, Mackie, Panasonic DATs. Open 7 Days A Week 9am-6pm
72 Hour Turnaround Available
Factory Trained Technicians
Technicians On Call 24-hours
All Work Guaranteed
Rental Machines Available