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THREE CAME HOME - The true story of Agnes Newton Keith’s imprisonment in several Japanese prisoner-of-war camps from 1941 to the end of WWII, this is considered Claudette Colbert’s finest dramatic performance. First time ever on DVD! 1950 / B&W / 106 minutes

ATTACK IN THE PACIFIC - The history of the naval war in the Pacific through Kamikaze attacks to Midway, Okinawa and U.S. ships. B&W / 52 minutes

WW II GI FILMS - Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, Mel Blanc, Kay Kaiser, June Allyson and more in films of radio performances shown to the troops. G.I. Journal and Command Performances. B&W / 19 minutes

6th MARINE DIVISION ON OKINAWA - From January to May - The Whole Operation! The North is conquered and the Southern Fighting continues - Here Come the Marines! Rare documentary in original stunning Kodachrome color. Color / 30 minutes

STAR SPANGLED BANNER - America’s National Anthem.

DECEMBER 7, 1941 - Academy Award™ winner for the Best Short Subject. Directed by John Ford. B&W / 82 minutes

RETURN TO GUAM - The true story of George Tweed, a radio operator who hid on Japanese-occupied Guam for 31 months until rescued by the Marines. B&W / 19 minutes

PAYOFF IN THE PACIFIC - WW II documentary showing naval maneuverings in the South Seas. Includes the A-bomb attack on Hiroshima and the surrender ceremonies on the USS Missouri. B&W / 52 minutes

PEARL HARBOR CLIPS - Various newsreels of Hawaii, from peaceful times through the aftermath of the attack by the Japanese. B&W / 22 minutes

PRIVATE SNAFU - Five Warner Bros. cartoons featuring the voice of Mel Blanc made especially for the troops. Spies, Censored, Rumors, It’s Murder, She Said, Private Snafu vs. Malaria Mike. B&W / 20 minutes

RADIO BROADCASTS - Radio excerpts of FDR and Winston Churchill’s Declaration of War to Congress and the British Parliament, plus a special 1945 Armed Forces V-J program hosted by Bing Crosby featuring Dinah Shore, Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra, Frances Langford and President Roosevelt.

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244 minutes
DVD Audio, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround, Dolby Master 96k, Hi Res 96khz 5.1 Surround